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Your Local Water Filtration Experts. Serving 16 counties in the Charlotte metro and growing.

At Artisanal Water Solutions, we apply 20+ years of water quality experience to improve our customers’ health and quality of life with point-of-entry and point-of-use water filtration solutions.

We only use high-quality purpose-built water filtration devices and systems and guarantee that every solution we sell is installed by a factory-trained professional. Every member of our team is highly trained, an expert in water treatment, and fully committed to providing your family with the clean, safe water you deserve.

No matter what your concerns, from contaminated water symptoms to how to get rid of hard water, we are here to provide you with easy, affordable, safe and healthy water at all times.

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Custom Water Filtration Solutions
from Your Local Water Experts

Step 1

A certified water consultant identifies the exact contaminants in your water with a complimentary and accurate in-home water and plumbing analysis.

Step 2

We recommend an affordable water filtration system that’s purpose built to remove these specific contaminants and designed to match your budget.

Step 3

High-quality equipment is professionally installed by a factory-trained technician.

Step 4

Artisanal Water Solutions provides the best follow-up and customer service in the industry.

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Your Local Water Filtration Experts

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